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Daily I have the privilege of watching people’s entire demeanor shift when they begin talking about that “thing” they are so passionate about. Their face instantly lights up, they exude a new level of confidence and dare I say they are joyful and smiling with a certain “glow” that is difficult to describe. That’s when you know you have found “IT”…  Purpose and in turn your vision.

Vision is the euphoric expression of what “IT” is or more accurately what it is expected to look like in its end state. It’s in that moment you realise that you really DO have something significant to say… and not only were you created to say it, but also to live it!

Being VisionFocused® is having the clarity, capacity and foresight to say “yes” to the things you should say “yes” to and a resounding “no” to everything else.

-Tristin Burns, Vision Strategist


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Your Vision