coreyA little while back, I had a powerful lesson from our youngest son as he played on his water table in our backyard.  I placed a beach umbrella over his table to protect him from the sun.  I mentioned that it was like he had his very own clubhouse and we both laughed thinking that was so cool.  As I heard him singing away and playing with his cars in his own little world, I couldn’t help but be reminded of one of the reasons why I do what I do in the first place.

I have a business that allows me the opportunity to be home with him and to be available to our two adult sons (who contrary to popular belief, still need us no matter how old they are—and that blesses my heart immensely).  I also want to give this same hope and help open the doors of opportunity for  other women to be able to do the same—no matter what circumstances they find themselves in.  This, my friends, is my big WHY!  Yes, I do what I do to honour God, and in the midst of that, He chooses to bless me with moments like these where I get to see His hand and His favour on my life.

It is a good and solid reminder for when we are struggling and need to be encouraged to press forward.  That is the reason for having your WHY in your face all day every day so you recall the purpose for which you have been called.  Ladies remember, we are not just here for ourselves, we are here on purpose for a specific purpose and we need to be aware of what that looks like.  We need to embrace it and honour God by walking into it.

It’s like seeing a priceless antique throne of a great king sitting in the corner of a room being used as storage with worthless junk piled on top of it.  The purpose for which it was created has not changed, but its current use may not be honouring to its original purpose.  It’s a shame really.  There are so many other types of things one could use to store “stuff” on, but to choose to devalue such an incredible artifact is not only a shame, but wrong.  How many times are we as His children guilty of exactly that?   Not honouring our gifts and talents the way He meant for them to be used.  This doesn’t mean we all must be in the official office of ministry, but it does mean that we should pursue God’s vision for our lives in a very real way.  We need to be true to who He created us to be and allow ourselves to be used for His purpose.

  • Lesson 1 from Corey’s Clubhouse:  Sing while you work—it makes work fun and it even battles a negative mindset.
  • Lesson 2:  View your work as play and ensure playtime is not viewed as work (or even an inconvenience—especially for some of us ‘Type-A’ personalities).
  • Lesson 3:  Remembering “WHY” you do what you do is important to staying focussed and on target.

Remember Your Big “WHY”

Who I’m doing this for                                                         

How my life (and other people’s lives) will be positively impacted if I see things to the end

Yesterday’s lessons, trials and tribulations will translate into tomorrow’s blessings and Divine favour.