The VisionFocused® Story


 Hi, I’m Tristin Burns, CVO (Chief Visionary Officer), Founder and Vision Strategist of VISIONFOCUSED® Strategies Inc.  Vision Development for Individuals and Organizations.

So here’s the skinny on who I am and how I can help.
I’m a Visionary with an innate ability to champion Paradigm shifts in people’s lives and businesses; allowing them to push past obstacles increasing both their impact and their income. 

A Wife, Mom of 3, and a Grandma of 3 and counting…  I enjoy collaborating with my Clients to help bring focus, clarity and sound business practices that result in fulfilling purposeful profits.  I am a forever learner and I love to share what I’ve learned even more. 

When I’m not encouraging others in developing their compelling vision, I’m usually mountain biking with my family, roller skating (old school), reading or hanging with my VISIONFOCUSED® Sistas.


My Creds (Bio) 

 Over 30 years of Business Consulting, Change and Process Management, and Team Management experience in the Financial, Technological and Educational sectors, allows me to bring value-added contributions from both a business leadership and a technical perspective.

 As a Vision Strategist and Certified Christian Life Coach (CCLC), I have helped many people discover, develop and implement their God-breathed vision through our various courses, mentorship programs and mastermind groups. These individuals are forerunners making societal changes within the family, media, entertainment, government, education, and judicial systems. Ordinary folks just like us, doing extraordinary things with God.



Tristin Burns Vision Focused

Our VisionFocused® Team

Here’s the thing, not only do you get access to me, but to our team of VISIONFOCUSED® Women who truly believe in you and the vision God has placed within you for such a time as this. 

We are Vanguards raising up a standard and a new breed of Entrepreneur that has God’s agenda on our hearts.


You owe it to yourself to check this out…

I know for a fact that this process works!  I’ve been a member of mastermind groups and have also run them for a number of years.  I have had the privilege of watching women regain alignment in all areas of their lives and increase their productivity simply through living on purpose. 


Accountability—better yet CAPABILITY is KEY…

Many of us have not followed-through with living out our vision with certainty due to a myriad of reasons.  This doesn’t make you lazy or irresponsible—it makes you human.  With the crazy demands of life, I have found that myself and those around me have gained the greatest success when we hold each other not only “accountable”, but “capable”.  Capable to create and have a consistent method of moving forward—solid plans with accompanied completion dates to help measure your timelines and inevitable success.


The timing of this [No More Junk In Your Trunk] journey was crucial for me. This journey helped me shift my focus onto areas of my life that needed de-cluttering, areas that were being neglected and taking its toll on me.

Jacqueline Henry

The Butterfly Groove – Vision Development program helped me in the area of accountability through the “Buddy System”, as well as a great deal of encouragement from the other participants in prayer, and offering suggestions for forward movement in areas I hadn’t even thought of, before I joined the program.

Joan Adams