Project Restore FIBI

AishaRecognizing that incarceration rocks the very essential foundation of a family, Project: Restore FIBI is an organization that serves and supports

Families Impacted By Incarceration through an innovative ‘family focused, family first’ approach.

Although this is no small feat, Aisha Francis is driven by her own personal story, her confidence in the undeniable power of family and her belief that everyone has purpose and potential for greatness within. Their own – or a family member’s – mistakes should never be the deciding, or denying, factor for what they can aspire to and achieve. Project: Restore FIBI is a SOLUTION to a very real, yet hidden, problem.

Aisha states that, “Stability that sets the stage to rebuild a strong foundation that keeps families impacted by incarceration intact and thriving is our goal! Making a lasting impact in our communities, beginning in the home, is our firm and uncompromising commitment! The reality is this may take me a lifetime but I am willing!”

Recently Aisha had entered the AVIVA Community Fund competition to obtain funding for Project Restore FIBI.  I was so blessed in having a front row seat to watch Aisha’s vision grow from concept to creative concentrated effort in building awareness and follower support through this opportunity.  The AVIVA Community Fund competition is based on number of votes received throughout a series of stages.  Although FIBI did not obtain enough votes to qualify for the final round, the valiant effort of the FIBI Team must be noted and celebrated!

Aisha’s obedience in stepping out to share her story, caused her not only to re-evaluate her own personal “why” this vision is so important to her, but it helped create the momentum she so needed to move her into her next season.  The experience forced Aisha to solidify her foundation and strengthen her resolve. It has been so exciting witnessing her unfolding journey.  I can’t wait to see what God will do next!  All I have to say is keep the momentum, Girl!  We’ve got your back and so does He.

Aisha Francis is married and the mother of 6, grandmother to 1.   She spent several years as a single parent and personally faced what seemed like insurmountable personal, societal and institutional challenges during the incarceration of her husband.  Her family is now enjoying a happy and successful life on the other side of incarceration and her heart is to see other families enjoy the same!