Like many of you, each year I sit with the Lord near the end of the year to ask Him for a word which for me usually includes a guiding principle and a scripture regarding the forthcoming year.

In the past God has given me words such as “possess” (my birthright) and “strong”.  This year, God spoke very clearly to me and I have grabbed hold of the phrase “ALL IN!”.  This is not a passive phrase, this is a phrase that encompasses serious action. As I journaled I asked the Lord what this phrase actually meant for me? And He said, I needed to trust Him this year. Not like I’ve trusted Him in the past (selectively with the things I know I can secretly influence), but with everything!

Trusting that even if things didn’t turn out like I expected or anticipated, it was still good and He would work it all out for my good and for His glory. And just like a loving Father, He proceeded to ask me if I would choose to be “ALL IN” with Him this year. Without hesitation, I said “Yes Lord!”.

He then gave me my anchor scripture to hold on to when things don’t seem to look like they should.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight. Prov 3:5-6

This is an exceptionally meaningful scripture for me. About 14-years ago I was going through an extremely difficult time personally. And like Abram when God changed his name to Abraham, God changed my name to “Trustin”. Oh what a difference a vowel can make. So ever since then, when I see the words “Trust in” in the Bible, I see my name and that God is speaking directly to me.

So instead of making a bunch of new year’s resolutions that may be over before you even get started, why not try asking The Lord for an anchor word and scripture for you this year? Then ask Him for His strategy on how to walk it out. It could be as simple as spending 15-mins with Him each morning to pray or call someone each week to encourage them. Whatever it is, I hope this inspires you to be obedient to His direction.

In the spirit of being “ALL IN”, The Lord challenged me to get out there (into the world) and share my voice and His message of hope and courage. So together, we decided I am going to bring some of you along on this journey with me! Yup, you got it—we don’t have to go it alone.

It’s time to Ignite, Influence and Invoke Positive Change.

So with all that said, my question to you is… Are you ALL IN?