Those we honour, young and old.soldier
Those we keep in our hearts and dearly hold.
Those who fell into silent sleep; for our Lord, their souls to keep. 

Those we pray for even today, as we celebrate Remembrance Day.
Continue to hold a special place, for those who fight and run the race.
As our plight is not over, it continues to this day.  As we remember the ones who have gone away.

Bless the ones who hold memories tight; who need our prayers all through the night.
The families of loved-ones near and far; as we hold doors of our hearts ajar.
Promising never to ever forget, the sacrifice made without regret. 

Just as our God of yesterday, today and tomorrow; put Himself through such sorrow.
Giving up His only Son, to die in place for we sinful ones.

I can’t imagine what that day would hold, knowing full-well our Jesus was sold.
Yet here He quietly laid down His life, recognising it would one day end the strife.

Our God is so good, all-knowing too.  Choose to trust Him today… won’t you?


Tristin Burns
Author, Speaker and Military Mom