2011Diane Berkers, Business Owner, Interior Decorator, wonderful wife, patient loving mother, and fabulous friend.  I have known Diane for about 15 years now.  For those of you who have read my book, ‘No More Junk In Your Trunk!™”, Diane is endearingly known as one of my “Carpet Ladies”.  We met at a Ladies prayer group and have been the best of friends ever since.  We’ve walked each other through some of the most major highs and lows in our lives and truly have been able to praise the Lord through it all as a result of the strength received through enriched times of prayer.

I’d love to tell you Diane’s always had it going in, but she’ll be the first one to remind me of how imperfect and “real” her life truly is.  Diane is an incredibly talented woman of God who “gets it”.  Her heart is for relationship above all else.  Diane recognises that if she honours others by sharing her gifts and talents, in-turn she too will be honoured.

“I collaborate with people, primarily women in the Arts of Home.  Creating a space that allows all members of theNF LOGO family to grow and a ‘be welcome environment’ to invite others into.  I believe in living with less, getting rid of distractions, colour that uplifts you, living in a functional pleasing space and also learning to spend our resources more wisely and consciously.”

Diane has been part of WWAV from the early years and most recently has been a guest speaker in our ‘No More Junk In Your Trunk!™’ Teleclasses.  Her uncanny way of uncovering deep-rooted issues that may be cluttering your life, is only one way God has used her to minister to people who may not even know Him yet.  When on a De-cluttering support job to help someone gain victory over their physical space, Diane is able to bring God into the situation and facilitate the healing process.  It has been interesting watching her walk this ‘Nest Feathers’ vision out.

“The idea behind the name is to add the coziness to the structure of the home.  Many of my clients have revealed blockages / hurts in their life that in some way tie into the job they have asked me to resolve.  Some hurts go back to childhood and their initial forays into creating havens in their own spaces.  It is so exciting to see God reach into that hurt and bring healing even though they don’t know Him as of yet.”

This is a sista who has walked it out and is not afraid to tell about it!  Diane has lived the life she teaches and has overcome many obstacles that have brought her to where she is today.  “I come from a nomadic family that restored houses while we lived in them and moved a lot! I learned freedom in all my decorating ventures, but I missed deep lasting friendships. … My first homes were pretty sanctuaries, but empty – I battled with depression.  It came to a point where I could choose to work on learning to be vulnerable with people or get more entrenched in my depression.”  That’s when God showed up!

It was at this time in her life that we met as a result of an invitation given at a church to join a prayer group for “busy women” which was based on Proverbs 31.  Let me say that it was a life-changing moment for us both when we decided to accept the invitation God had so graciously laid out before us.  Thank You, Lord!  We all grew leaps and bounds as we got rid of our “junk” in that safe, loving environment.  We KNEW there was no judgement and if there were any that tried to creep in, God dealt with them faster than we could get the thoughts out.

Ladies, there’s something about community—a community of women where traditional ‘cattiness’ and negativity is NOT an option; nor is it welcome or allowed in any shape or form.  When you remove the idea of competition and allow space for creativity and growth on God’s terms, there is a simple freedom to be YOU.  Not anyone else… just the best most wonderful, caring, bold, loving, fantabulous version of YOU!!  When you are truly able to walk in the skin and the character God intended for you and you alone, I believe it is only then that you are able to fully connect with the birthright He has created for only you.  You are special, you are loved and accepted (not just tolerated).  He knew you and chose you before the beginning of time.  Did you catch that?!!  He knew who you were, even before you did.  I love it!

It is so much easier to do this life together than alone, ladies.  Trust me on this one!  I have seen it in my own life and in the life of our WWAV Community.  We are His girls, each one of us.  We belong and we are beautiful gems in His crown of glory.  Let’s not ever discredit that.  Instead, let’s choose to celebrate it that much more… together.  My prayer is that you would allow yourself to be vulnerable as you find that place of sanctuary and safety in Him, like Diane did.  Letting go of the “perception of perfection” and letting others get to know the ‘real’ you without any strings attached.  It’s time to get rid of that notion that you have to be perfect in-order to be loved.  Reality is… none of us are perfect, so the jig is up!  In all honesty, it’s so much easier and more fun when you finally decide to just be YOU like your Creator meant for you to be.

Hey, don’t forget to check out Diane’s site www.nestfeathers.ca and join us at one of our NMJT Events!  I KNOW you’ll be blessed!

Business Phone: 519-273-2661 (Stratford, ON and surrounding area)
Email Address: diane@nestfeathers.ca
Website URL: www.nestfeathers.ca