30-Day Life Declutter Journey

We’re all looking for that next great thing God has for us, but let me ask you this… Are you READY for it? If the opportunity of a lifetime were to be presented to you today, would you be ready to take it on?

If the phrase “too much junk in your trunk” applies to you in more ways than one, this program is for you!

Are you tired of feeling stuck? Stuck in a rut with not enough hours in the day or energy for that matter to do anything about it?

Is it difficult to find quality time for family, friends, or even yourself? And what about your time with God; almost non-existent as you fall asleep praying at night? Listen, I can totally relate. There was a time in my life where I was sitting where you are. Completely overwhelmed and feeling like I would never find my purpose much less walk in it! I have met so many women who have felt the same way. Unable to find the time they need to accomplish some of the simplest things in life, much less fully discover and walk in the plans and purpose God created them for. It seemed almost impossible for some of these women and yet, they inherently knew they needed to find a way.

This fun, life-impacting program will help move you forward in whatever stage of life you may find yourself. No More Junk In Your Trunk!™ will inspire you to take small consistent actions daily to improve these major areas of your life. With achievable 15-minute activities you will find yourself overcoming procrastination and accomplishing tasks you thought were almost impossible.

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Hourly Schedule

From 7:30 pm - To 8:45pm
Monday, May 13
Video conference call
From 7:30 - To 8:45pm
Tuesday, May 21
From 7:30 - To 8:45pm
Monday, May 27
From 7:30 - To 8:45pm
Monday, June 3
From 7:30 - To 8:45pm
Monday, June 10


May 13 2019 - Jun 11 2019


7:30 pm - 8:45 pm


Trisitin Burns


Trisitin Burns
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