VisionFocused mastermind Group

You have a deep sense of responsibility to a calling to transform lives in your community, society and our world at large, but aren’t quite sure how to step into that calling.
You have a compelling vision to develop and implement, but with so much information out there, it’s difficult to know where to start.
Girl, you’re not alone and we’re so glad you’re here! Many women who have crossed my path over the years have felt the same way. Women with incredible potential; who just need some clarity, direction, encouragement, and focus. Can you relate? These women KNOW that they were created for more than just “existing” from day-to-day, activity-to-activity. They KNOW they were created for a purpose—a Kingdom purpose—for something and Someone bigger than them.

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Jan 24 2019 - Mar 21 2019


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Trisitin Burns


Trisitin Burns
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