Who would have thought I would ever be a Military Mom, but a few years ago when our eldest Son told us he was applying for a post overseas it was official.  Although I always celebrated Remembrance Day with a sense of honour and gratefulness to our Veterans, since the year our son was deployed it became even more personal for us.  As a family we were able to relate to the men and women who fought and are still fighting for the freedom of our country and the families that support them.

We got the inside track on what Military life for these people really looked like.  In fact, I attended a support group for Military Families during that time to assist us with the transition and this gave me a whole new perspective and respect for what our soldiers are faced with whether they agree with the politics of their position or not.  They have pledged an oath to fight for our freedom and the freedom of others even to the degree of paying the ultimate sacrifice.

To the glory of God, after a 9-month stint in Afghanistan, our son returned home unharmed.  It is all still so surreal when I recall the two years surrounding his deployment.  I still cry when I hear bagpipes, or Taps being played on a horn.  When I hear ‘In Flanders Field’ being recited or when I see another tragic picture of an injured soldier, or the portrait of a young soldier in his dress uniform as we honour the great sacrifice he and his family has made.

Our story thankfully had a happy ending.  With much prayer and support our son had a wonderfully life-changing experience that will be with him forever.  He has made lifelong friendships and will always have the knowledge that he (voluntarily) chose bravery over fear, adventure over status quo, pain over comfort and yes, dare I say the guts to follow after his dream.  From 15 years old he knew he wanted to have an experience like this and he went for it.  That is one of the things that make me so proud to be identified as a Military Mom.  We are so blessed to have 3 wonderful boys, each one with their own bent, dreams and visions that we have learned to nurture.  I thank God regularly for the privilege of being their Mom.  Today we consciously celebrate the Victory God gave us with our eldest (who might I add didn’t start out this mature). 🙂 I look forward to sharing stories of our other two boys as they grow in their own field of dreams.

How will you celebrate this Remembrance Day and honour those who fought for our freedom and the freedom of others?  Lest We Forget… Freedom Is Never Free.


Image courtesy of TMFRC (Toronto Military Family Resource Centre).