Jesus Understands My Position

When all the praying, planning and pretending is over and it’s truly time to do “the stuff”… how do you go about doing it?  ‘Just Jump!’ was the advice given to me by some my closest friends.  It is so wonderful to have a group of godly cheerleaders rallying around you believing for your 30,000 when you only seem to have faith for 30.  God sees and understands where you are and what you’re hoping for deep down inside.  Sometimes it may be easier from a faith perspective for us to see the small things on our way to the bigger things, but we need to ask ourselves ‘why’?  Could it simply be us looking at our shortcomings why we can only believe for the small things?  Or could it be that we are just not sure God will do that big thing for us?  Hmmm… I had to be straight-up with myself and God and ask myself that big question.  In fact, I found that it was a little of both.  I knew God could do whatever He chose, but continually asked if He would choose to do that big thing for me?  Wow!  Reality check.  We are told and taught not to despise small beginnings, but at what time do you start seeing the big ending as the true story in your life?

Remember… Jesus Understands My Position, so just JUMP!

And do not despise small beginnings… as with a seed; it too is never quite as big as the fruit!

God Bless you as you come up higher in His understanding and explicit truth right where you are on the way to where you are going.