Liliane BahloulAllow me to introduce to you one of our WWAVpreneurs whose ‘no quit’ attitude and teachable spirit has reminded me once again that if God is in it… there truly are no limits.   Liliane Bahloul, CEO and Founder of Empower Businesses specialises in Education Management, Services and Renewed Vision for schools.

As a mother of two beautiful children, a daughter 15 and son 11, Liliane is no stranger to the parenting challenges within the educational system. However, it is her almost 20 years of professional experience within the educational sector that has brought her vision about. As Vice-principal with a French school board, and an Ontario Certified Teacher, Liliane has always had the passion and more recently the plan, for improving education by working with all stakeholders and other partners within the educational system.

Liliane works with schools, both publicly funded and independent, to provide professional development opportunities for staff and parents as well as consultation services. Her mission is to work with all stakeholders in education in order to improve and refine our educational system. Liliane believes strongly in Character building and character education. Her vision is to see a “new educated and successful generation with character”.Empower-logo-04

It truly has been an interesting ride for Liliane so far. God has been opening some unexpected doors and she has been prayerfully walking through them. Despite the occasional thought of doubt and fear, Liliane has chosen for it not to be a stopping point.

When asked how she overcomes challenges (especially during the early stages of planning and launching a new business), Liliane said, “I was always praying and talking to my mentor/coach. The process is all about problem-solving and back-up plans. I planned different levels of intervention to overcome some of the challenges. Perseverance is also a key, looking back at others’ stories of success really inspired me and kept me on track. I was always learning something new and taking courses that would help make me better at what I do and to gain more confidence.”

I think this is great advice for anyone venturing out into new territory. I believe prayer is the number one and most necessary ingredient to bring about your vision. Asking God’s direction and ensuring your will lines up with His is sure to create the best results. And just as Liliane suggested, perseverance is another important key ingredient to success. Thirdly, I believe building a solid team will be one of your biggest assets. A team who, especially on those days when you feel like throwing in the towel, is able to encourage you and help you “stay on course” will prove to be invaluable.

Liliane has experienced first-hand the added success-factor when utilising a business coach/mentor. Coaches bring other perspectives that you may not have considered or factored in the equation. It can, in some instances, truly be the difference between success and failure. Whether it is revealing something in your business model that you weren’t able to see, or perhaps a connection with a particular individual or organisation you didn’t know existed, but that could make or break your progress.

I have always had coaches and/or mentors in my life to reduce my learning curve and increase my level of success. As an entrepreneur, I believe accountability within a team environment (whether a team of two or twenty) is a wonderful and necessary thing. Without it, you may fall behind and with it you are sure to hit targets not normally attainable on your own.

Intercessory prayer teams are extremely important to helping you bring your vision to life. I can’t stress this enough especially if your business or ministry is Kingdom-focussed. You need that spiritual firewall around your life and the lives of your family members to help keep you covered, protected, and moving forward in the midst of God’s will. I have seen immense forward movement since assembling our prayer team; not only in my personal and professional life, but in the lives of our team members as well. We are so blessed to be a part of His great plan. Let’s continue to do everything we can to stay aligned with it.

Liliane Bahloul, CEO and Founder
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