Maire BecklesWhen asked to share her vision, Marie; this humble wife and mother of 3 was straight-up and said, “I can honestly say that I do not have an entrepreneurial bone in my body. I am not a risk taker. But it has been said that when you are taken outside of your comfort zone then God says I can use you. LegalShield is the opportunity God placed in my life to allow me to become part of something bigger than who I am and to make a difference. So I took a leap of faith to explore a new a side of me I have never known.”

I love it! Isn’t that what trusting God is all about? Taking you out of your comfort zone into a place that only He knows the outcome as He holds His hand out towards you and says, “Come, follow Me”.

The service Marie provides is unique and one of a kind. She is taking part in a revolution that is levelling the legal playing field and giving voice to those who are unfairly treated and being taken advantage of. And of course the income potential is an even further incentive in today’s economy.

Marie explained that LegalShield was founded by a Christian gentleman named Harlan Stonecipher, which “makes justice accessible for all regardless of financial or social status. It empowers millions of family members across NorthLS_logo America to exercise their legal rights every day and help protect their families for a low monthly fee instead of high hourly costs on matters from the trivial to the traumatic.”

Marie has made a conscious decision not to allow her past determine her future and suggests the same for all of us. She goes on to say that when someone determines to do something meaningful the challenges will come in many different forms and she inoculates herself by reading Scripture and books focused on personal development. Marie also surrounds herself with a positive support system, and reaches up for help and encouragement from her network when needed. Another technique I often engage in, is the one Marie also uses—having her personal “WHY” (her true reason for doing what she does) in her immediate field of vision at all times. This causes her to focus and keep her on track when other things are vying for her attention (especially the voices of doubt that try to enter into our minds).

Marie grew up in Trinidad and immigrated to Canada as a teenager with her family. She completed Grade 13 in Guelph and also graduated from the University of Guelph. Like many of us, Marie made some choices that put her in a difficult situation at a young age. As she puts it, “One of those decisions was getting involved with and marrying a young man with too much vision, lots of charisma and no commitment. I was a single and separated mom with 2 kids at an early age of 23. I did not really have a clue what I wanted to do in life, what career I wanted to have but circumstances dictated that I get a job. So I did anything from cashiers to temp jobs. But thank goodness God had a plan and orchestrated my employment with a federal company I have now been with for 24 years“. Funnily enough, it was at this company where she met her wonderful new husband. God always has a plan… it’s up to us to discover it and follow it.

Here’s the thing, Ladies… We all have a story and a choice that corresponds with that story. Are we going to allow ourselves to be negatively defined by the story and stay in a place of inertia or are we going to use our story so we and others can benefit from the learnings that story provides?

Our Story + Our Response to our story = Determines Our Outcome

We always have a response to our story whether conscious or unconscious and that our response will always give us an outcome whether positive or negative. It’s up to us to use godly discernment and inspiration to choose the right godly response that will propel us to the levels God has reserved for us. So come on Ladies! Rather than being ashamed of your story… allow yourself and others to be healed and empowered by it.

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