Igniting, Influencing, Invoking positive Change…

The match ignited over a simple cup of tea, as the Holy Spirit softly breathed over my words to ignite a flame…2011

“Have you thought about switching your dining room and living room space?”

I was sitting with one of my “adopted moms” and soon to be client; Ms M.   The simple question sparked a vision of possibility and hope. Over the course of the next couple of months this vision became a controlled wild fire as Ms M and I invited the Father into her space, to reveal what needed to go and what could come into this next season of time in her life. Ms M let go of decades of memories, teachings, good to knows, and someday maybe’s. For the first time in a long time there was breathing room in her space.

We painted the walls with joy, peace and coziness. Switched the rooms and rearranged for better focal points. Took advantage of the natural light, received God’s favour on new furniture, and dared to believe there was still more to come in this life.

Ms M is now living in her space, instead of running here there and everywhere. She has a peace that comes with having to look after less… each item has its purpose and place.

Now Ms M. has room to freely receive; as well as the room to see easily what is out of place and does not belong on this part of her physical, emotional and spiritual journey.

~ Diane Berkers | Nest FeathersNF LOGO