What if we could start fresh wherever we happened to be in life? Well, we can. I’m so glad God created the seasons and time for us to mark new beginnings. The start of a new year is an incredible opportunity for us to reflect on the past, the old, the not-so-great moments, and the fabulous victories in our lives.

For me, 2014 was an interesting year of significant growth and obedience in various areas of my life. As I contemplated my purpose and how God is causing me to walk it out, I was reminded that giving up and giving in is just not an option. He reminded me that even when things may seem fruitless that the seed always begins to flourish in the darkest place imaginable (underground). Breaking through the soil takes the most time and energy, but once it happens… the rest is history.

Here’s the thing. I have this beautiful orchid that lost all its blooms a while back. I wasn’t sure if it would ever bloom orchid_newagain… then suddenly! A new shoot began to develop and I watched it grow in length and strength. I eventually had to put a stick in it to support its continued growth. It wasn’t long before I noticed seven new buds! It only ever had three on one shoot in the past. Exponential growth?!! Absolutely! Just yesterday one of the buds opened and I got so excited as I believe God has been showing me something special through this beautiful plant.

Since seven is God’s number of perfection, it’s like He is saying, ‘this is the perfect yield regardless of the circumstances, the environment, and the past’. He can do so much more when we are simply willing to grow in obedience and maturity under His lead. It’s encouraging to know that the gifts and promises of God are without remorse and that what He has started in us, He will bring to completion.

My prayer for you is that you would hear His voice and continue to grow allowing your beautiful light to shine. Use your gifts and talents for God’s glory and watch your purpose unfold before you. Let God clear your slate of all the negative thinking, acts of neglect, and feelings of regret. It’s time to move forward in your place of new beginnings. Get ready! Be expectant and taste and see that the Lord is good! Here’s to 2015!