Have you ever been working merrily along on your computer (or other device) just flowing in your creative juices, when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, you get the dreaded, “Plug in or find another power source…” pop-up message? How many of us drop everything to look for our power cable? And how many of us are programed to just ignore the initial “Your battery power is low (10%)…” message waiting for the final 7% message before we’ll take action?

You know, sometimes we can be working so hard for God (supposedly with God), that we pull back on our time of intimacy with Him (our Power Source). We go and go and go, until the 7% warning sign pops-up and we realise it’s too late and we lose everything! Don’t ignore the warning signs. You know, the lack of sleep, poor health, failing marriage… can any of you relate?

To prevent yourself from going into spiritual hibernation remember to recharge regularly. In-fact, better yet, just stay plugged-in to our one True Source and you will always be ready to go. Oh ya, and a final word of caution, finding another power source as the message suggests… is just that… a knock-off version of the original. Read the manual, you need to be connected to The Power Source for best results.