Lord, remind me WHY I’m doing this again? What my purpose is?  Remind me that this is YOUR thing and not mine.hands-543593  That it is not dependent on me and what I’m about.  Instead it’s totally all about YOU and what YOU are doing in our world at such a time as this.

Ahhh yes, the WHY behind the WHY. I was recently asking God about this very thing (yet again) and was promptly placed in a position of humility as I met with a wonderful group of women who are fairly new to Canada.

I was invited to speak to a group of women entrepreneurs who also happened to be Newcomers to Canada and as I facilitated the conversation, we had an intimate time of sharing our Visions. The struggles these women faced with their families to learn the language, find work, and begin businesses… essentially… just to live life is incredible!  And you know I didn’t get the full story in the short time we were together.

I have everything I need to move forward in my life and business… I have NO EXCUSES but the ones I put before me. Lord, help me have resolve like these ladies!

Our time together was definitely reciprocal as I was once again reminded of the reason WHY I do what I do. These women were positive in their outlook on life and business and it was a refreshing “note-to-self” that I’m not in this for myself!  I’m not in it for the money… I’m not in it for the glory… I’m not even in it just for the good, fun, exciting times.  I’m in it for Him!  I’m in it because it pleases my Heavenly Father when I use the gifts He has given me to benefit others and further His Kingdom principles.

Once again, I was encouraged that I have been placed on this earth on purpose… for a purpose. And as an act of my will… I CHOOSE… to LIVE MY PURPOSE in Him!

Keepin’ it Real!