time_to_dance_blueDo you ever watch little kids when they practice things over and over again? Do you notice that as frustrated as they may get (and they do), they don’t tend to give up very easily if it’s something they enjoy doing. Our best friends’ daughter was about 4 years old when she just starting taking dance classes. We all watched as she so diligently practiced each and every step as she could remember it. “one… two… step togezer” (she couldn’t quite pronounce the “th” in together yet). I’m telling you it was priceless to watch.

Now, she is an accomplished young dancer with fabulous flare – her performances are flawless and her character has grown. You see, there’s freedom in the dance.

There comes a time when we’ve done all that we can to do practice, prepare and pray. You’ve got all the knowledge, all the theory and all the confirmation you need, it’s time to get down and finally do the stuff. You may not necessarily feel ready, but it’s not about feelings. You know you’re ready and it’s time.

Time to put away the manual, lay down the practice shoes and just dance! Enough talk, enough waiting on God, because He’s waiting on you to take the next step of obedience. You know the next move. And if you’re still not sure, get close, keep His rhythm and allow Him to lead. Stay in step with His and He will guide your glide.

Just DANCE!!!

Advancements while
Navigating life’s
Circumstances with
Excellence and ease