training_wheels_FrankChan2Are you a two-wheeled rider still motoring along with your training wheels? Truth be told, that was me for a while and didn’t even notice it (metaphorically speaking of course—smile)!

Have you ever sat and watched a child learn to ride a bicycle? At first they struggle a little, even with the training wheels as you slowly guide him or her through the process. Naturally, a little hesitant at first, but then suddenly they get the hang of it. Zooming around the parks and trails on their uneven chariots bouncing from left to right as they try to balance between the trainers; when one day you realise… hey little Johnny isn’t leaning to the side quite so much anymore and you know… It’s time.

The training wheels have been bent up off the ground for quite a while now and you notice him relying on them less and less. So finally you declare to little Johnny that, ‘it’s time to remove his illustrious wheels’. For some this may signify a sense of accomplishment, promotion, or independence, for others it may only represent a moment of loss or fear. Fear of falling, fear of failing, fear of pain, fear of embarrassment, or fear of potential setback (what if we have to put the training wheels back on our super cool bike and start all over again).

How many of us can relate to little Johnny’s dilemma? You’ve invested significant time, effort and financial resources into the thing God has laid on your heart. You’ve studied and prayed, practiced and waited, then waited some more. When you finally feel that it’s time to take the training wheels off, you are all of a sudden stopped in your tracks! Your mind begins to flood with negative thoughts and emotions. The constant barrage of unrealistic expectations, comparisons with others and you haven’t even asked for anyone else’s opinion yet!

If you know it’s time to move forward and you are feeling stuck, try this…

Step 1Pray! And ask the Lord for help.

Step 2Acknowledge and make the decision to remove the Training wheels. All it takes is a decision. Decide it’s time to move forward and do “the stuff” no matter what that may look like… today, just decide!

Step 3Now remove them and get ready to move forward. Remove the familiar crutches that once were helping, but are now just a hindrance holding you back.

Step 4Ask someone you trust to hold the bike for you. Have your trusted friend help keep you steadily moving forward through regular prayer and accountability.

Step 5Relax, have fun and just ride! Pedal as fast as you can, keeping your eyes on the prize in the direction of where you want to go (not where you’ve been).

Just make sure your breaks are working well, because the Lord may ask you to slow down every now and again to regroup and reprioritise things a bit.

That’s it… see, now you’re cruising! Continue following God’s lead and remember to keep things simple and enjoy the ride.

Image courtesy ©Frank Chan (Flickr)