Vision Development Mentoring

Option #1


Personal Transformation Mentoring

Do you have dreams and aspirations that never seem to get off the ground? Still not quite sure what you want to be or do when you grow up (even though you’re already there)?  Let VISIONFOCUSED® Personal Transformation Mentoring help you get “unstuck” and get aligned with God’s plan for your life.


 Personal Transformation Mentoring can help you:

  • Become empowered to move beyond your present circumstances
  • Develop and Maintain successful transition strategies through various stages of your life
  • Remove obstacles and stumbling blocks that are preventing you from walking in victory
  • Gain clarity by discovering your true passion and purpose
  • Take your dreams and ideas to the next level
  • Learn how to master your gifts and talents for maximum impact
  • Learn how to set goals and successfully attain them
  • Obtain positive growth in every area of your life by aligning your plans with God’s through prayer and practical applications

VISIONFOCUSED® Strategies offers flexible individual mentoring options.  We can also tailor a package to suit your needs.

In these 1-hour sessions, our professional mentoring staff can help you gain perspective and direction by determining where you are and where you want to be. We will help you develop a personalized plan to move you forward into your next season.

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Option #2


Vision Development for Entrepreneurs

Are you self-employed (or wish you were) and looking to increase your joy, your impact and in-turn your bottom-line?


Vision Development for Entrepreneurs can help you:

  • Increase your joy and effectiveness by learning to align your life’s passion & purpose with God’s plan for you and your business
  • Create clarity through powerful exercises and meaningful discussions
  • Develop an Effective Action Plan to help move you forward and keep you on track
  • Learn how to direct your gifts and talents for maximum impact
  • Use our step-by-step system to Create success as you learn how to implement your unique Vision
  • Learn how to meet your targets by creating uncommon focus and exceptional  accountability
  • Become more confident in promoting and sharing your Vision with others
Entrepreneurial Mentoring

These 1-hour sessions are geared towards present Business Owners/ Ministry Founders or those exploring the idea of starting their own business, ministry, or social initiative.  You will be teamed up with one of our professional mentors (who also happens to be a Business Owner too).  Your mentor will help you gain perspective and direction by determining where you are with your business or ministry planning and where you need to be. We will help you develop a personalized plan to move you and your business or ministry forward into your next season.

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Option #3


Vision Strategy Sessions

Are you currently exploring an idea for a new businessministry or social initiative, but don’t know where to start?  Or do you just need someone to bounce some ideas off of who can provide meaningful input and strategic insight from a Biblical perspective?


Vision Strategy Sessions can help you:

  • Confidently expand on and improve existing business or ministry ideas
  • Generate potentially powerful business or ministry ideas through this focused Brainstorming session that can ultimately increase your bottom-line and move your vision forward.
  • Gain Clarity by assisting you in Creating a high-level Success Plan for your business.
  • Get organized by helping to improve existing business administrative processes.
  • Minimize impact on present resources (Time, Money, Talent) by ‘systemizing’ your existing business for optimum efficiency.
  • Learn how to focus on your core competencies and delegate the rest.
  • Be better positioned during times of change by strategizing for upcoming or unforeseen events.

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Coaching Sessions can either be live in-person, via telephone or Skype.