VisionFocused Women

VISION Development for Women With a Vision
and an Entrepreneurial Design

Get from Great Idea to Generational Succession…
and beyond!

Let us help you create a fulfilling life, successful career, impactful ministry or profitable business that align with your core values.

Dear VisionFocused Woman,

If 2020 has left you feeling anything less than hopeful about the vision God has placed on your heart, this is for YOU!

If you are feeling a little (ok a lot) “done” and uninspired?!!! Well, this is definitely for you.

If you believe this is YOUR time and YOUR season to fulfill the things God has placed in your heart, then this is… you guessed it… for YOU!

Our world needs what YOU have! God wants you to partner with Him to bring His Kingdom-solutions to the earth.

We have some incredible opportunities before us if we are willing to see and partake of them.

JOIN US for upcoming events and classes and see your hope arise with a spirit of joy and expectation! 

For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not evil to give you an expected end. Jer 29:11

Firebrands Collective-FC Ignite

FIREBRANDS Collective (TM)  FC Ignite is a place to be equipped, encouraged, validated and ignited to become the Woman of Godly purpose He created you to be.

When you hang with this group of VISIONFOCUSED® Women you can’t help but grow  in your character and capacity.

The FIREBRANDS Collective® is our VISIONFOCUSED® Mentorship Community where you can find support and solid teaching to build you up as you walk out the vision God has placed within you.

Join us for Ignite Nites the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month PLUS gain access to our NEW  VISIONFOCUSED® Academy—Vision Development & Training programs.

The Butterfly Groove

Get from Great Idea to Generational Succession and Beyond!

Commit your works unto the Lord and your thoughts shall be established. Prov 16:3

Are you ready to IGNITE, INFLUENCE and INVOKE Positive Change?

Create an impactful and fulfilling life, successful career, effective ministry and profitable business that aligns with your core values.

Gain clarity and confidence in articulating your vision.

BONUS Offer! Receive invaluable insights with access to our FIREBRANDS Collective® Mentorship and Support Group for the duration of the course.

VisionFocused Women Mastermind Group

This is your time and your season to move forward in the plans and purposes God has for your life.  It’s time to discover, develop and deploy your compelling, God-breathed vision. 

Whether your vision is to write a book, start a business, ministry or social initiative VISIONFOCUSED® Mastermind Group can help bring the clarity, focus, and tools you need to bring it to life. 

We are intent on helping you succeed! That’s why we included access to our FIREBRANDS Collective™ Mentorship Community and full access to our VISIONFOCUSED® Academy for the duration of the course.

Which Course is Right for Me?

Choices, choices… Sooo many choices!

Here’s the thing about the VISIONFOCUSED® choices, they are based in a decision grounded in Godly focus and practical strategies that move you into God’s Vision for your life.

We wanted to give a full range of choices to meet VISIONFOCUSED® Women wherever in the Vision Development process they may be.

Whether you have a Vision and just need some clarity, or you don’t have a clue what your vision may be yet… The Butterfly Groove (TM) is the right place for you. With access to live and recorded calls, rich course content and BONUS Access to our VISIONFOCUSED® Academy Vision Development and Training Programs, we can help you gain Victory in Your Vision.

Our VisionFocused® Mentorship Community

With ongoing support of our VISIONFOCUSED® Mentorship Community and VISIONFOCUSED® Academy —Vision Development and Training programs, VISIONFOCUSED® hopes to
ignite your vision, help you influence others with your gifts and talents, and invoke Positive Change within your homes, communities, and our world at large.

Firebrands Collective®

Join the VISIONFOCUSED® movement to Ignite, Influence, and Invoke Postive Change!

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