Okay, seriously, what ever happened to recess? Jacks, double-dutch, red light-green light, spud, red rover, jumpsie rope (you know with the elastic band rope)? Oh ya, and the snacks??? Back-in-the-day when PB & J sandwiches were a lunchbox staple, we would trade our snacks for all kinds of things. When did we stop having recess? A better question is why?

I’m on a quest for bringing recess back for ALL ages. We would all be much better people if we actually took a ‘break’ from our work and played at work. Guys tend to do it much better than us ladies. They will take off a shirt (okay, I don’t recommend the shirt thing for us) at lunchtime and play ball… just because. I guess some of us power shop (which can sometimes get us in trouble though).

Take time today and well… just play. I know we’re adults and it doesn’t look good for our image, but the point is to do something you like to do just because. You can remain dignified while reading a book, or going for a jog. Take time to enjoy a moment for YOU. Be creative and have fun! Let’s show these kids they don’t have anything on us… we can have grown up recess too!