When God finally got a hold of me in the midst of my circumstances so many years ago and I decided to say “YES” to all_MG_7141-2 He is and all He has for me it was a beautiful moment. I was at a Joyce Meyer conference in Michigan, sitting a few people over to her left, in the row directly behind her facing the audience. I remember that I went with a group from my sister’s church from Chatham at the time and we ended-up with the last seats in the house… the choir loft. As I looked out at that hungry audience, I knew God was up to something special that day.

After an inspiring message of hope and love I was yet again faced with my moment of truth. Was I going to leave that place and go back to the complicated, unfulfilling, lukewarm lifestyle I was living? Was I going to choose to simply sit on the fence forever? Loving God, professing God, but living a life that was less than He intended for me? Or was it going to be different this time?

This time… I said, “YES Lord!” and meant it. I chose God over my disobedient lifestyle. I knew He had bigger plans for me than I did, but I just couldn’t see past my past to get over it. God did an amazing work as I rededicated my life to Jesus that day and I’d love to say that I lived happily ever after once that decision was made… but I would be lying through my teeth if I did!

Instead I struggled for many years after trying to do the right things for God, but most times coming up short. The guilt and condemnation I allowed the enemy of our souls to put on me not to mention the immense pressure I put on myself, caused me to spiral deeper into hiding.

When I said, “YES” to God that day, my heart was in it. I knew I was different; my lifestyle just had to catch up with it. I began feeling uncomfortable in my sin. I couldn’t make the same choices and gloss over them for weeks at a time. Instead I had a sense of pain that could only seem to go when I asked God for forgiveness. His Grace was the only thing that seemed to quiet my heart when it hurt.

So here I am finding myself saying “YES” to God yet again. This time I’m saying “YES” to the vision He has so generously laid on my heart to help others fulfill the call He has placed in theirs. “YES” to stepping out of my comfort zone. “YES” to becoming the woman of God He has called me to be. “YES” to letting my light shine as a beacon for all mankind to see. “YES” to the trials that come along with being ‘out there’. “YES” to the vulnerability of having all my cards on the table.

This is it ladies and gentlemen. This is me! This is my life… this is my calling! To Ignite, Influence and Invoke positive change in my sphere of influence, so you can carry the torch and do the same in your circle of influence. This is not for me. This is not my personal directive. This is God’s directive for my life. If it was mine I would have quit already! I don’t have this kind of staying power on my own.

When God put WWAV on my heart back in the 90’s I had no idea how it would come about. Today I am much clearer on the direction WWAV is going in. I have a dedicated team of Intercessors and dynamic individuals in our core team working with me to fulfill the vision God has placed within me for such a time as this.

With that, I am also very human. When WWAV TV was birthed back in November 2015, I knew we had something very cool here. With it came many challenges, but oh was it worth it! I believe that God has some incredible things for you to experience even this year as you say “YES” to Him! He understands your heart and mindset, your bent, the obstacles you need to overcome in your life in-order to make it happen…but God! With Him you are WELL ABLE! He is not a man that He should lie. He is Our Almighty God. Creator of the Universe! He is well able to cause everything He has promised you to come to pass. He just needs you to say “YES” to Him today. You don’t have to have it all together; your heart just needs to say the word and He will orchestrate the rest. It will not always be easy, but I do know it will be more than worth it!

Keepin’ it Real.